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Our vision is become a Government Intitution, that helps the people in a Beneficial way to their good life

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Our mission is provide a service in line with the Government policies, uplift the life styles of the society though an efficient, sustainnable and planned development process with the participation of the people.

History of Narammala Divisional Secretariat


Narammala is the major city in the Narammala Divisional Secretary Division & suburb of the Kurunegala District. From ancient times it belongs to Dambadeniya Hathpaththuwa, Dambadeni Udukaha North and Dambadeniya Udukaha West Korala. This Divisional Secretary Division is located in the Dambadeniya Electorate. It covers an area of ​​about 10.944 Kilo Meters, 54. Grama Niladhari Divisions This division has a 144.villages, Gross population is.62162. Narammala Divisional Secretary Division is pointed around to, Pannala, Kuliyapitiya East, Weerambugedara and Polgahawela Divisional Secretary Divisions.

In the history of the Narammala, when the Kalinga Maga's invasion happened in the early twelfth century, the period of the history of Sri Lanka, after the fallen the Polonnaruwa Kingdom. After that in 1232 started the kingdom of Dambadeniya, as the third kingdom of Sri Lanka, basis of Dambadeniya, built by a King of 3rd Vijayabahu which built Palace on Dambadeni Maliga Rock. At that time the historic Siri Vijayasundararamaya built around to this palace at the foot of the palace was built on his direction.

After the end of King 3rd Vijayabahu's period after 4 years, In 1236 his son, prince 2nd Parakramabahu, was apointed as the second king of the kingdom of Dambadeniya. At this stage, King 2nd Parakramabahu as a literary philosopher, hands over the “Kavsilumina” to nation as the great poetry of the Sinhalese. Further, Sidath Sangarawa, Poojawaliya, Elu Aththanagulu Wansaya, Saddarma Rathanavaliya are other outstanding books that emerged at the time of the Dambadeniya Kingdom. King Parakramabahu built a beautiful three-store shrine to fulfill the aspirations of his father. King Parakramabahu sacrificed the Tooth Relic of the Buddha. On the way to Temple of the Tooth Relic in Dambadeniya, which is situated at Narammala in the area where the king offered the gold flower to the sacred Tooth Relic It is said. The area where the Ran + na + mala was offered has been added to the folk tales as Na + ran + mala to Narammala. The Dalada Perahera was held at the Dambadeniya on the grand scale. It will be held today under the auspices of Siri Wijesundararamaya, Dambadeniya.

The ending of 34 years of governing the 2nd Parakramabahu the Greatest period of the Dambadeniya Kingdom, a son of his Prince 4th Vijayabahu, appointed as King  in 1270. In 1272 the king 4th Vijayabahu death by minster Miththa as the following of domestic dispute, After that his brother,  1st  Buwanekabahu becomes as king of Dambadeniya. In 1284 during the King Buwanekabahu period, the Tooth Relic kidnapped by Arya Chakra Warthi. That was the end of kingdom of Dabadeniya.

Narammala has the history of such a proud to as above. Narammala Divisional Secretart division is mainly cultivated with rice and coconut. Today, there are many beautiful scenic sites in the area and where Buddhist, Islamic and Catholic religions are spreading.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr. S.M.Jayathilake 1999 2005
Mr. D.M.Dassanayake 2005 2007
Mr. Nimal Kotawelagedara 2007 2010
Mr. Bandara 2010 2011
Mr. L.H.Ramyasiri 2011 2013
Mrs. M.A.R.Sudarshani 2013 2017
Mrs.S.M.Peththawadu 2017  Up to now

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